Need just a logo? Sure, I’ll do it, but that’s kind of boring! Your brand deserves to have a proud voice in your community, one that’s memorable and that people look towards as an example of quality. My passion is creating responsive Brand Identity Systems that expand, adapt, evolve and thrive.

The process begins with a client questionnaire and culminates in a finished product that’s ready for use in both print and digital formats and that can be demonstrated on signage, stationary, merchandise, packaging, vehicle wraps, promotional items and more! The finished package includes primary and secondary logo designs, primary and secondary color palettes, typography, Merchandise + Packaging Sheets, Brand Guidelines and a Brand Manual for clarity and ease of use.

Logo design

Still just want a logo? Already privy to the best way to carry out your brand’s voice? Great! Let’s get to work. The finished package includes a primary logo design, primary color palette and Brand Guidelines for clarity and ease of use.

WEB design

Looking to have your Brand Identity carried through to your website? I create simple, concise and responsive websites that get your message across and help convert visitors into clientele. SEO Optimization and Newsletter integration is included in the finished package. Light Inventory E-Commerce is an additional charge.


Looking to expand your brand’s visual messaging? Spot Illustrations are a great way to add visual muscle to your Brand Identity and give your audience more ways to connect with your brand.


secondary services menu


MERCHANDISE + packaging Design

Cans + Bottles? T-Shirts? Commemorative Coins? CD Layouts? Glassware? Matchbooks? Vehicle Wraps? I’ve had the pleasure of doing these types of projects and more over the last several years. Let’s get down to brass tacks today and tackle that idea inside your head!

newsletter design

Do you need to reach your brand’s audience but don’t quite know how to do it? At The OMA Agency, I take pride in crafting beautiful, custom newsletter templates that allow you to get your message across in a clear and concise manner.


Content Creation? Social Media Management? Website Updates? With 7 years of experience managing digital footprints, I’ve got what it takes to keep your content fresh on a monthly basis.

Marketing strategy

Looking for a creative spark? Need assistance fleshing out your business ideas and strategy? Looking for that right tagline or slogan to set your brand apart? Look no further. I relish in helping others to grow their sparks to bonfires and their ideas to fruition.